I am a retired college teacher (foreign languages) and retired attorney. I live with my wife Janet in Roseburg, Oregon, where we have a home outside of town with room to raise some cattle and some trees.

I grew up as a Mormon and left the church many years ago.

I have three grown children by my Mormon ex-wife. I have two grown sons with Janet, my present wife of over 45 years, one of whom helps us operate the ranch.

I am interested in history, religion, philosophy, amateur theater, cooking and baking, writing, and music (I play piano, guitar, and several other instruments). I also like to cook, bake, knit, tat and do cross-word puzzles.

I love garage sales and thrift shops. I rarely watch television, but we occasionally rent a movie.

My friends tell me I'm a nice person. My enemies don't talk to me.

For more information about me see Why I Left the Mormon Church, How I Became an Atheist, and my longer autobiography.

Here is a candid snapshot of me (taken at the Exmormon convention in January 2008:

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