Actual Audio Recording
of the
Mormon Endowment Ritual

For a general introduction to Mormon temple rituals, see "Mormon Temples And Temple Rituals".

The recordings linked here were made during an actual endowment session (you can hear occasional coughing and the responses of the patrons when taking the oaths). The voices are recorded from the films and tape recordings used during the ritual - the only "live" voice is an officiator briefly speaking instructions on Track24 ("The True Order of Prayer").

Endowment audio links:
1. Introduction   3.5mb

The Creation
2. The First Day  1mb
3. The Second Day  1.3 mb
4. The Third Day  1.4mb
5. The Fourth Day  1.3mb
6. The Fifth Day  3.2mb
7. The Sixth Day  2.8
8. Awake and Arise  885kb

The Garden of Eden
9. Into the Garden  1.9mb
10. Temptation  4.4mb
11. Punishment  3.5mb
12.The Law of the Lord   1.7mb
13: The Law of Sacrifice   2.0mb

The Lone and Dreary World
14. The First Token of the Aaronic Priesthood  3.0mb
15. Oh God, Hear the Words of My Mouth  5.9mb
16. They Will Be In My Power  4.4mb
17. he Law of the Gospel  1mb
18. Robes of the Holy Priesthood  491kb
19. The Second Token of the Aaronic Priesthood  5.0mb

The Terrestrial World
20. The Law of Chastity  735kb
21. The First Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood  4.2mb
22. The Law of Consecration  1.3mb
23. The Second Token of the Melchizedek Priesthood  2.3mb
24. The True Order of Prayer   812kb

The recording ends before the prayer in the prayer circle. Not included, therefore, is the complete prayer circle nor the ceremony at the veil. The complete text of the ceremony at the veil can be read here (scroll toward the end). Please see also earlier (and quite different) versions from the 1980s" and the 1930s.

A video of the last part of the prayer circle and part of the conversation at the veil, from an episode of the TV series "Big Love" is fairly accurate (except that there is no music in the temple endowment ceremony). It can be seen here.

Also not included are the rituals called the "Washing and anointing," or "preparatory ordinances." You can read the present (post 2005) text of those brief rituals here.

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