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The article "Lehi In the Pacific" is pure bunk.

I happen to know this, because I wrote it. I made it up.

There is no such person as "L. Dwayne Samuelson." If there is, I apologize to him for using his name.

I wrote the article in about four hours, using nothing but maps of southeast Asia and the Pacific and a good dictionary of biblical Hebrew.

"WHY?" you may ask....

My purpose was to show how easy it is to construct "evidence" for the Book of Mormon from superficial similarities in words and names, such as Mormon apologists continue to do. I submit that my phoney correspondences between various names in my article are just as convincing and just as valid as those proposed by the scholars at FARMS and BYU. Knowing that my article is a spoof, I am sure they would find many valid objections to my methodology and my evidence. But their (valid) objections to my "evidences" are the same objections any scholar would justifiably raise against their claims about "Nehem" and the "people of Lihy."

Do the "amazing similarities" I present in my article prove that the Book of Mormon is true? Of course not! The Book of Mormon is still a fictional work of the 19th century. It is not history.

I have no doubt, however, that some Mormons reading this article will accept it as genuine proof that the Book of Mormon is historical.

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"Just because he made it up doesn't mean it isn't true!"

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