FMA: Persecution of the Mormon Church

"The True Church is always persecuted, and the Mormons have always been persecuted."

     Mormon claims of persecution as evidence of truth must founder on these facts:      Their claim of persecution generally ignores the persecutions inflicted by the Mormons themselves on their opponents. This is usually because the source of information about their "persecution" is the Mormons themselves. They make much of the Haun's Mill Massacre, but say nothing about the Mormon mob burning the town of Gallatin. They say nothing about the Mountain Meadows Massacre, where Mormons slaughtered 150 innocent and unarmed immigrants. They don't tell you how they drove David Whitmer, Oliver Cowdery and others from their homes under threat of death. They don't tell you about their persecution of the Godbeites in Utah.

     Mormons also seem to believe that disagreeing with them and pointing out the errors of their religion is a form of persecution. This very attitude shows that they really know nothing first-hand about being really persecuted.

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