Questions about Mormonism that are not often asked

Updated 10/27/2014

Many of us left Mormonism because we asked too many questions for which there were no satisfactory answers.  Usually the Mormons we asked (missionaries, bishops, family members) quickly told us that our questions were improper, unnecessary, prideful, absurd, and/or "inspired by Satan."

But any trial attorney knows that probing questions of an opposition witness, based on what the witness has already said, is the way to uncover and display the weaknesses or absurdities in the witness' story and to show that the witness is lying - making it up.   No witness would be allowed to say, "You are asking too many questions - you should just accept what I have told you and be content with that."   If the testimony is true, it will withstand the most probing questioning.

We are all familiar with many of the questions that have arisen about Mormonism.   But there are some questions that I have never heard asked.   I would like to share some of them that have occurred to me lately.   Feel free to use them in your own discussions with Mormons.

I'm sure there are more unasked questions, but that's enough for now.

Please suggest any other question that you don't think anyone else has asked....

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