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2/5/2017 added:
Questionnaire For Those Considering Mormon Baptism A tool for investigators to help them make their decision

3/18/2016 added:
Review of Brant Gardner's book Traditions of the Fathers: The Book of Mormon As History

2/8/2016 added:
Is God Perfect?

9/20/2015 added:
Authority and Apostasy: A Double-edged Sword for Mormonism     Two fundamental doctrines of Mormonism which cancel each other out.

9/14/2015 added:
Mormon Teachings and Revelations Not Followed by the Mormon Church     Scriptural commandments which the Mormon church does not follow.

8/13/2015 added:
An analysis of "Moroni's Challenge (Moroni 10:4)

Spanish translation of   "Unasked Questions"

Spanish translation of   Leaving The Mormon Church: How To Get Out

4/16/2013 added:
Book review of Book of Mormon Book of Lies by Meredith R. Sheets and Kendal M. Sheets (2012)

9/24/2012 added:
To Mormon Temples and Temple Rituals a link to a video of the entire endowment ceremony, made with a hidden camera during 2012.

6/20/2012 added:
FAQ: "Is Mormonism a cult?": Examining Mormonism, using a standard "cult" checklist

6/5/2012 added:
Book review of Charles R. Harrell, "This Is My Doctrine": The Development of Mormon Theology

Book review of No Weapon Shall Prosper: New Light On Sensitive Issues Robert L. Millet, ed.     A major collection of Mormon apologetic essays

2/26/2012 - added:
"Romney's Mormon Secrets":     Why doesn't Romney want to discuss his faith? Because it is secret!

10/26/2011 - added:
"The Everlasting Gospel In The Ever-changing Church": Text of a talk presented at the annual conference of the Exmormon Foundation, October 15, 2011, in Salt Lake City.

10/13/2011 - added:
Questions for Presidential Aspirant Mitt Romney: Most Christians and most non-Mormon journalists don't know enough about Romney's religion to ask the most important questions. Here they are.

3/3/2011 - added:
"or, in other words": A collection of Book of Mormon passages which show that it cannot be a translation of engravings on metal plates (a supplement to "Linguistic Problems of Mormonism")

Translations of German Poetry     My translations of a few of my favorite German poems (and a few of my own German poems, with English translations).

Fruitcake Recipes: several good recipes for this holiday treat (make in October!)

2/4/2011 - added:
Critique of an article by Mormon apologist William J. Hamblin, "Basic Methodological Problems with the Anti-Mormon Approach to the Geography and Archaeology of the Book of Mormon"   Hamblin's article suffers from most of the problems he accuses the "anti-Mormons" of - a case of the pot calling the kettle black

7/22/10 - added:
Links to audio recordings of the temple endowment ceremony

6/9/10 - added:
How To Divide Up Fairly The Personal Property In A Decedent Estate   Suggestions, based on my personal and legal experience, for avoiding the almost inevitable conflicts upon the death of the last parent.

"The Ties That Bind" - a trilogy of original one-act plays by Richard Packham:
"Just Like Old Times" - Two lovers are reunited after many years
"What Goes Around" - A married couple learn about their past
"Your Soul, My Soul" - A wife makes an effort to save her husband's soul

6/5/10 - added:
FAQ: "Help! The Mormons have my child!"   Suggestions in response to many pleas from non-Mormon parents whose children (usually teen or young adult) have gotten involved with the Mormons.

5/20/10 - added:
My Testimony   Response to a request for a submission to the website Ex-Mormon Scholars Testify. (23K)

"Is The Book Of Mormon Historical?"   Submission for an online debate at the website Public Square, which wants to conduct a debate on Mormon issues.   (16K)   (As of this writing, the debate is not yet online there.)

10/20/09 - major revision:
Linguistic Problems of Mormonism   (now 151K) revised and expanded to include materials used in a presentation at the 2009 annual Exmormon Foundation Conference in Salt Lake City.   A video of that presentation can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_LBzEsTlbk

9/06/09 - added:
Problems With The Brass Plates"   An examination of the role of the Brass Plates of Laban in the Book of Mormon, with questions about the believability of the story. (15K)

8/04/09 - added:
Freemasonry and the Mormon Temple Endowment Ceremony   A tabular listing of similarities between the three degrees of 1830s Masonry and the early Mormon Endowment ritual (19K)

6/28/09 - added:
Romans and Nephites   A listing of similarities between the ancient Romans and their contemporaries in America, the Nephites

1/11/09 - added:
Review of The Mormon Conspiracy by Charles L. Wood, LLC, San Diego 2001

12/15/08 - added:
Review of The William E. McLellin Papers, edited by Stan Larson and Samuel J. Passey, 2007 (review originally appeared in the April 2008 "The New Expositor," the newsletter of the Exmormon Foundation)

12/8/08 - added:
Mormonism Quiz     A series of interactive multiple-choice quizzes to test your knowledge of Mormon history, doctrine and scripture.

11/11/08 - updated
"Mormon Prophets After Joseph Smith"     to add the Summum group in Salt Lake City, based on revelations to Amun Ra (nee Corky Nowell)

10/07/08 - added:
"The Jerusalem Temple vs the Mormon Temples"     Mormons claim that their temples are in the tradition of the ancient Jewish temple. A brief comparison shows that this claim has no basis.

9/21/08 - added:
"Mormon Prophets After Joseph Smith"     Unlike the presidents of the mainstream Mormon church since Joseph Smith, who rarely have visions or revelations, and do not translate ancient documents or produce new scripture, as Smith did, there have arisen many prophets from Mormonism who have claimed to perform those divine functions, just like Smith. A brief listing and description of some of these real prophets. (26K)

8/21/08 - added
Response to LDS Church's Explanation of its Opposition to Gay Marriage   The church has launched a massive campaign supporting California's Proposition 8, which would amend the California Constutition to bar gay marriage (36K)

- expanded: Linguistic Problems of Mormonism to include a discussion of the ungrammatical use of King James English in Mormon scripture (thanks to a suggestion from Dr. Kent Ponder)

7/4/08 - added (offsite)
Video of a lecture based on the article Mormon Temples and Temple Rituals, recorded in 2001, on Google Video or on YouTube; both versions are identical, but the YouTube copy allows comments. (75 minutes)

3/30/08 - added:
Successful Weight Loss Plan   How I permanently lost 25% of my (overweight) body's weight.

2/1/08 - added:
Home-made Salad Dressings, including several low-calorie versions

7/17/07 - added:
How Many Ex-Mormons Are There?   An analysis of membership numbers shows that there are more Ex-Mormons than there are Mormons.

- updated:
The temple recommend   A bar code has been added to the recommend.

12/19/06 - added
Is the United States a "Christian" Nation?   Some people contend that America was "founded on Christian principles." What then are those principles?   (14 K)

12/9/06 - added
FAQ: "Do the Mormon leaders know that their church is false?"     There is so much evidence showing that Mormon claims are false. Don't the leaders realize it?

11/13/06 - updated
The temple recommend     The newer recommend form has a space for the member's "record number," and validity is for two years rather than one, as it was before. This is the image of a blank recommend.

11/05/06 - added
Questions for Presidential aspirant Mitt Romney     Romney is trying to convince religious leaders that his religious beliefs are like theirs, and thus he should have their support. Those people do not know what they should be asking the governor - here are some suggestions, not only for religious leaders, but for journalists.

8/02/06 - added:
Comments Received, Summer 2006 - E-mail comments on my Mormon materials, received in June and July, 2006 (typical in volume and tone of what I receive year-round)   (25 K)

7/2/06 - added:
101 Reasonable Doubts about Mormonism - Mormon claims should be supported by evidence "beyond a reasonable doubt." Is there a "reasonable doubt"? Yes, not just one, but over a hundred.   (45 K)

4/15/06 - added:
Review of the book by Walter J. Veith The Genesis Conflict: Putting the Pieces Together   - Dr. Veith is a former evolutionist, a scientist who became a "young earth" creationist and biblical inerrantist.   (64 K)

3/28/06 - added:
Jaredite Shipbuilding Technology by Kent Ponder, Ph. D. - a detailed analysis of the account in the Book of Mormon about the Jaredite ships: Does it really make sense?   (23 K)

Prayer - a critique of this essential element of most religions   (19 K)

Traditional Baby Bootees - The pattern for the baby bootees that have been knitted in my family for several generations for our family's newborns.

1/16/06 - added:
FAQ: Are Mormons Christian?   Many Christians insist that Mormons are not Christian.   Is this an accurate assessment?   (14 K)

1/2/06 - added:
Animal Resurrection in the Teachings of Mormon Prophets - compiled by "Deconstructor" with commentary by Richard Packham   (11 K)

12/28/05 - added:
The Articles of Faith - with my commentary   (25 K)

FAQ: "Married to a Mormon Spouse - What can I do?"   (23 K)

- updated:
Book List on Mormonism (eleven books added)

10/28/05 - added:
Spanish translation of the "investigator's tract" To Those Who Are Investigating Mormonism, translated by Jarom Smith.   (92 K)

"Reflections of an Old Apostate":   Text of my address to the conference of the Exmormon Foundation, October 22, 2005, in Salt Lake City, Utah.   (45 K)

10/15/05 - added:
"Lehi In The Pacific: Powerful New Evidence for the Historicity of the Book of Mormon" by L. Dwayne Samuelson   (13 K)

10/10/05 - added:
To Sourdough Recipes: "Mike's Quick Blender Sourdough Waffles", a recipe developed by my brother Michael, who is becoming an enthusiastic sourdough baker.

My own Recipe for home-made dog biscuits, quick, easy, and cheap.

FAQ: "How can I answer questions about my leaving the Mormon church?":   Questions often asked of new Exmormons by their Mormon friends and relatives, with suggested answers.   (14 K)

10/1/05 - updated:
Growth of Mormonism with quotes from a recent Salt Lake Tribune article debunking the Mormon church's claim to be "the fastest growing religion in the world"   (40 K)

8/03/05 - added:
The Book of Mormon vs Mormonism     Many people assume that by reading the Book of Mormon one can learn about the Mormon religion. But Mormon doctrine is not based on this book, which often ignores or even contradicts what Mormons believe today, as this overview shows.

7/31/05 - added:
The Mormon Church vs The New Testament Church     Mormons claim that the Mormon church is a restoration of the church established by Jesus and his apostles, and cite their similarities as proof. However there are more differences than similarities.     (11K)

7/30/05 - added:
A Visit With A Perfect Mormon Family     A non-Mormon woman reports on her three-week visit with her childhood friend, the mother of a "perfect" Mormon family.    (24K)

7/17/05 - added:
Twelve Step Program For Recovery from Mormonism   An adaptation of the famous Alcoholics Anonymous "Twelve Steps" for use by recovering Mormons; by Matthew P. Barnson and Richard Packham

FMA: "Describe the taste of salt!"   Mormons often assert that their testimony cannot be described, like salt.

6/9/05 - added:
"How can we know when information is from Satan?"   Devout Mormons often reject any criticism of Mormonism by saying that the criticism comes from Satan, who is trying to defeat God's work (Mormonism). Is that a valid argument? How can we tell when the source of information is Satan?    (18K)

3/21/05 - added:
"Unasked Questions About Mormonism"    A few puzzling questions about Mormonism that nobody seems to have asked.

1/28/05 - added:
Text of the January 2005 changes in the secret Mormon temple ceremony
(the article on Mormon Temples and Temple Rituals has also been updated to reflect the changes

1/20/05 - added:
FAQ: "What about faith?"    A response to religionists' arguments that religious faith is no different from our "faith" in science or history     (18K)

12/14/04 - added:
Review of Natalie R. Collins novel Wives and Sisters, set in present-day Utah

My review of the Book of Mormon on the occasion of the publication of a "trade edition" by Doubleday

8/07/04 - available off-site:
An ITALIAN translation.of the "investigator's tract" ("To Those Who Are Investigating Mormonism"), translated by Eduardo Calabrese.

6/17/04 - added:
The Oliver Granger Prophecy   An article by Mormon apologist Stan Barker and my rebuttal.