Mormon Temple Recommend

This is what an actual Mormon temple recommend looks like. This one is blank, and the serial number has been altered to prevent Church Security from tracing its origin (it was not obtained through illegal means; it was not stolen, for example). Its actual size is three inches (77 mm) wide and four inches (103 mm) long. It is printed on 20 pound white paper, and is intended to be folded in the middle so that it is the size of a business card.

UPDATE July 2007! The church authorities are now recalling ALL outstanding temple recommends and issuing replacements. The replacements are identical to the old recommends, but are imprinted with a bar code. We have been unable to obtain an image of the new recommend form. Church authorities claim that the purpose is only to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the temple, not for gathering statistical information.


The text - in case it is not legible on your screen - is as follows:

              TEMPLE RECOMMEND

First name (print)  Initial      Last name

Issued           Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun   |Year issued
(circle one)     Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec   |
M  | Record number
F _|__________________________________________________
Signature of applicant
Ward or branch       |Stake or mission
Signature of member of bishopric or branch president
Signature of member of stake presidency or mission president
When properly signed and endorsed, this certifies that the person
named is in good standing and may enter the house of the Lord.  
This recommend expires two years from the last day of the month 
issued. It remains the property of the Church, is not transferable, 
and must be surrendered on demand.                       10/02 32600

The "record number" is a personal identification number consisting of eleven digits in the format 000-0000-0000. Of the record numbers I have seen, the first three digits are usually 000- or 001- .