A Trilogy of One-act Dramas

By Richard Packham
Copyright © 2010 by Richard Packham
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"Just Like Old Times" (.PDF version)

Two lovers are reunited after many years

"What Goes Around" (.PDF version)

A married couple learn about their past

"Your Soul, My Soul" (.PDF version)

A wife makes an effort to save her husband's soul

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This trilogy was produced by the local theater group Umpqua Actors' Community Theatre in Roseburg, Oregon, and had four performances on July 10, 11, 17, and 18, 2015. The casts were:

"Just Like Old Times"

Director: Chase Gilley
Steve: Chase Gilley
Stella: Erin Gilley
Danny: Brian Simshauser

"What Goes Around"

Director: Sarah Layton
Marvin: David Layton
Helen: Erika Pennington

"Your Soul, My Soul"

Director: Daniel Squire
Phil: Carl Jones
Marge: Marnie Allbritten